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Welcome to the Unilever job application page. Here you can find the Unilever job vacancies, learn available position details. By taking this job you can take a strong step for your career.

Unilever is a Dutch-based company that supplies the world’s largest food and fast moving consumer goods. It offers a wide range of products from food to cleaning, home and personal catering and has many brands. There is such a rich brand chain; Approximately 2 million people in any country on any given day use unilever products and make their lives easier.

Available Positions and Salary Information at Unilever

Like most companies, the Unilever departments needs the workforce to manage its tasks and company operations. Therefore, there is often a need for staff at various points. Below you can find the job that suits your qualifications by examining the requirements of the available positions. Employment requirements and fees at Unilever vary depending on the position and working hours. You must be at least 16 years of age in commonly used entry-level positions. For certain positions you must be 18 years of age. Below are the most popular Unilever jobs;

The opportunity to work at Unilever is vast … To give a global business with more than 400 brands in nearly 100 countries around the world. So you can join the Unilever family in any area and be a part of this team. This team can also think like a large and existing family in every country. An environment in which you will feel comfortable and have fun while working is waiting for you.

  • Reviewing complex scientific (exposure and hazard) data to support risk assessments.
  • Communicate internally and to business partners on risk assessment outcomes and provide guidance on risk management.
  • Responsibility for leading designated SEAC projects as appropriate.
  • Deliver transparent, well documented prognoses and risk assessments to support SEAC project teams and to address industry issues and contribute to the Unilever position and responses to the external KOFs.
  • To identify capability requirements to ensure delivery of the current/future work programme and lead in the strategic direction of the discipline.
  • Actively participate in external activities to influence scientific developments.
  • Advise SEAC and Unilever of emerging ecotoxicological/ environmental issues including environmental claims.
Skills/ Experience/ qualifications:
  • At least post graduate qualification in a relevant scientific/technical discipline.
  • Experience in relevant experimental techniques required for assessing the fate and/or effects of chemicals.
  • Well-developed communication and decision-making skills.
  • Strong team player, as both a leader and a team member.
  • Post graduate experience that may include a higher degree.
  • Experience of pathway or exposure based approaches (e.g. in-vitro, -omics, partitioning chemistry) and how they can be applied to risk assessment.
  • Understanding of chemical safety risk assessment.
  • Practical knowledge of environmental risk assessment.

Unilever Online Job Application;

Now that you have read the necessary information for the Unilever job application above, you can now complete your application by accessing the application form below or by filling out your personal information by going to the official site.

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