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Welcome to the Mango job application page. Here you can find the Mango job vacancies, learn available position details. By taking this job you can take a strong step for your career.

Mango is a global fashion retailer who sales clothing and accessories. Mango first started production and sales in Barcelona and then became a globalizing company. While it was only producing women’s collections when it first started, it now exists in the market with children’s and men’s collections. Although Mango is headquartered in Spain, the largest and most stores are located in Istanbul, Turkey. In addition to Mango stores, it also offers online shopping to its customers.  Barcelona Headquarters employs more than 16,000 people.

Available Positions and Salary Information at Mango

Like most companies, the Mango departments needs the workforce to manage its tasks and company operations. Therefore, there is often a need for staff at various points. Below you can find the job that suits your qualifications by examining the requirements of the available positions. Employment requirements and fees at Mango vary depending on the position and working hours. You must be at least 16 years of age in commonly used entry-level positions. For certain positions you must be 18 years of age. Below are the most popular Mango jobs;

As we have mentioned, Mango has many stores all over the world, as well as a large online store that serves the entire world. Therefore, it needs a lot of new employees.

Since there are different categories of jobs, people with different abilities are sought. For example, if your human relations are better, you can work in the customer relations department, and if you have a good relationship with technology and computers, you can work in the online sales section. As in any business environment, Mango attaches great importance to teamwork. If you want to rise and enjoy your work in a comfortable and peaceful working environment, Mango can be your choice.


You will be responsible for finalising sales in the cash desk, ensuring that an outstanding level of customer service is delivered at all times in order to gain the loyalty of customers.

Key Responsibilities:

  • To provide excellent customer service and offer complementary purchase options
  • To finalise the sale and receive payment in a quick and efficient manner
  • To apply the company’s Customer Service and Image Standards in order to gain the loyalty of customers
  • To be familiar with Mango policy with regard to exchanges, returns, searches in other stores, etc. and at all times offering the appropriate additional services
  • To hand the customer their purchase well-presented and with the till receipt
  • To deal with all complaints in an efficient manner, making every effort to offer the customer a solution
  • To treat customers politely and make them feel welcome in order to gain their loyalty
  • To apply and manage cash desk procedures effectively
  • To ensure the cleanliness, organisation and replenishment of the cash desk
  • To support managers in delegated administrative tasks

Sales Assistant

Your aim will be to promote the brand’s image and to maintain the highest standard of customer service at all times, to sell and gain the loyalty of our customers. You will also be involved in keeping the store tidy and organised as well as checking and replenishing stock.

Key Responsibilities:

  • To welcome, smile and approach customers displaying a cordial attitude and a willingness to serve
  • To be able to advise the customer in an optimal manner
  • To aim to achieve and exceed targets, individually and as a team
  • To  offer services according to the needs of customers in order to maximise sales
  • Maintaining an optimal store image that is attractive to customers at all times

Mango Online Job Application;

Now that you have read the necessary information for the Mango job application above, you can now complete your application by accessing the Mango application form below or by filling out your personal information by going to the official site.

Official site:

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