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First and foremost, individuals who want to work at British Army are expected to decide in which position they want to work. After finding the position desired, requirements should be carefully examined. Like other companies, British Army needs employees in a number of positions and there are different requirements expected to be met for each position. The rest of the article will be explaining the requirements of these positions and how to apply for them. British Army Job Application

There are a range of careers on offer in the REME that allow you to progress through the ranks and gain civilian recognised qualifications. Whether you’re interested in becoming a REME Officer or Soldier, and you need further advice or have any questions then help is at hand.

British Army Job Opportunities

British Army continues to employ workers. Providing its employees with all possible opportunities and trying to satisfy its employees, British Army aims to strengthen its family through offering job opportunities and adding new members to its team. By examining the positions offered by the chain and the requirements of these positions, you can find the position which you think is most suitable to you and then you can apply online.


As a soldier, you’ll do a vital job, making sure the Army operates smoothly and effectively, at home and overseas.

It takes lots of different trades to run the Army, there are many jobs to choose from, all with training of the highest standard. Your hard work will be rewarded, because to us, you’re more than an employee – you’re a valued member of the Army family.

Women already serving in the Army are now able to transfer into infantry roles.

  • Standard entry soldier

Like all soldiers, you will complete 14 weeks basic training to learn the fundamental soldiering skills, and for REME soldiers this is undertaken at Army Training Regiments (ATR). These are located in Pirbright and Winchester for senior entry and Harrogate for junior entry. This will teach you basic soldiering skills such as drill, weapons handling, fieldcraft, first aid and map reading.

You will also work on physical fitness and personal development. Following this, having selected the trade you wish to pursue, you will go to one or REME’s engineering schools where you will become a REME craftsman and learn your trade. Training can last up to two years depending upon your chosen job role, following this you will be posted to a unit in the field Army.

  • Junior entry soldier

You will attend a 23-week course (including three weeks holiday) at the Army Foundation College (AFC) in Harrogate, North Yorkshire. This will include a period of basic military training where you will learn skills such as weapons training, drill and fieldcraft. You will also receive excellent leadership and initiative training and have the opportunity to go on adventurous training activities.

As part of the ‘Technical Stream’, you will complete a Common Foundation module of training which, as well as being a part of the Foundation Modern Apprenticeship (FMA) in Engineering (completed at Phase 2) will also be in preparation for your specialist trade training.

Entry Qualifications: Grade A-C in at least English language, Mathematics and a Science are required for all technician trades. Grade A-D for English language, Mathematics and a Science are required for all other trades except Technical Support Specialist which does not require a Science. You will also have to sit the Army Technical Selection Test which is a mathematical test.


Challenge. Training. Responsibility. Adventure. Become a British Army Officer and nothing is out of your range.

Whether it’s commanding a platoon of soldiers on operations, leading a humanitarian mission or helping to build critical infrastructure and rebuild lives after a natural disaster, you will lead a life that is full of purpose.


The average person spends 15 days a year surfing the web in their spare time. You can join the Army Reserve and get to do something different with your time – most roles ask for just 27 days a year. You’ll get to learn new skills, make friends and get paid too.

  • Aircraft Technician Repair and maintain the airframes, engines and mechanical systems (including hydraulics and flying controls) of Army aircraft
  • Avionics Technician Repair and maintain the electronics systems (including radar, instruments navigation and weapons) of Army aircraft
  • Electronics Technician Repair and maintain the electronics of all Army equipment from main battle tanks and missiles to robots and medical equipment
  • Vehicle Mechanic Repair and maintain all Army mechanical equipment from quad bikes to truck and main battle tanks
  • Recovery Mechanic When vehicles are blown up, broken down or overturned, use your engineering knowledge to extract them to a safe location for repairs
  • Metalsmith Become a welding and fabrication expert capable of working with all metals and techniques to repair the Army’s equipment
  • Armourer Inspect, repair and maintain all Army weapons from pistols to artillery and Apache chain guns
  • Technical Support Specialist Ensure that the REME has the right tools, resources and military skills to function in barracks and on operations

British Army Job Application Form

British Army usually expects applicants to submit application forms online; however, if there is printable application form, you can find it below. If you cannot find the British Army application form, you can visit any store of British Army and submit your CV to human resources department or to a person who is responsible for this. It is essential to state which position you are applying for and which job you are specifically interested in.

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